Who are we?


BAPS! Started as an idea, many years ago, between two best friends with a passion for food. For years, they would experiment in the kitchen like mad scientists, creating culinary masterpieces, then sharing them with their friends and family. Each time they put on events, their food, no matter how much they made of it, was gone. People constantly asked them for their recipes and everyone wanted to invest in them to open their dream restaurant. Everyone was so sure that they would succeed that they would bet it all on them.

After years of discussing it, the two best friend's timelines fell in sync, and BAPS! was born. The two best friends, Brad and Brad were so in sync that they could complete each other's sentences. Their mindset in food is the same. Quality, flavor, freshness. They both strive for the best! Brad Solley, a programmer who worked for the rich and famous, installing and programming high end automation systems, and Brad Pelletier, a United States Marine of 10 years, both left their lifetime careers to pursue their dream.

Brad Solley had always dabbled in the kitchen on his own, and Brad Pelletier had been to Culinary Arts School, and had worked in the industry prior to joining the Military. With their skills in the kitchen, and their understanding of business and customer service picked up from their prior employments, they were ready for everything involved!

Meet the Chef: Brad Pelletier

Graduated in the top 3 of his class from Pennsylvania Culinary (Cordon Bleu) 1999 at the early age of 19, Brad Pelletier has loved and lived Culinary Arts. Immediately after he graduated, he was picked up by the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fl. After spending a year there, he moved back home to his home town of New Jersey due to a family illness. While back home, he worked for the East Brunswick Hilton from 2000-2002 as a Line Cook and Saucier, as well as a Banquet's Chef, having even cooked for President George Bush Jr. during his employ.

Brad later transitioned over to Gianni's Italian Bistro as a Sous Chef from 2002-2004. In an effort to continue his schooling, Brad joined the Marine Corps in 2005 and remained in the Marine Corps until early 2016, during which time, he obtained his Food Managers Examiner/Proctor Permit as well as Sustainable Agriculture Certificate.

Fun Facts

Why the name "BAPS!"?

That's actually a two part answer. The first part is easy. Both Brad's have the same first and middle name, spelled the same way. When you add our last names, you get the initials that create our business name: Brad Allen Pelletier Solley.

The other reason for the name BAPS! was because we were looking for something catchy. Something that would make you feel like it would be a fun, family oriented place to go. "Lets go to BAPS!". Much like Buffalo Wild Wings came up with the term "BDubs", we thought BAPS! was catchy. What clued us into the name is the fun part.

We were looking at YouTube videos one day, and came across a picture song (a video that posts different images, as they sing a comedic song, custom written for the images). One of the images showed a basketball player in mid air, trying to slam dunk, and another basketball player was attempting to block. His hand however was in the wrong place, and he was about to slap the opposing player in the face. The song suddenly stopped at that picture, and the artist suddenly sang "BAP! What ya gonna do about that?!?!" and that's when we both looked at each other and said "BAPS!". When we found the correlation with our names, it was a perfect fit. Thus, BAPS! was born.


"We had a phenomenal Thanksgiving Dinner prepared and delivered by BAPS catering. We were expecting about 20 people for our holiday dinner and BAPS catering delivered a wonderful meal that everyone loved. The turkey was moist, the vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin cheesecake were delicious. Needless to say, we had enough food to satisfy everyone and still had some great Thanksgiving leftovers. We would definitely recommend BAPS catering for everyone who wants tasty food cooked just the way you like. Thanks for helping us make our holiday dinner such a success!"
Jennifer N.
"Great portions! The sides were all awesome and the turkey breast was very Juicy. Brad is great and works with you on your menu and delivers more than you expected."
Kamelia T.
"Food was made fresh on the spot. Awesome service. Would go every week if I could!"
Jake K.
"Amazing food, great service and just the right price. Above and beyond our expectations"
Carolyn K.
"I posted a need for a caterer on Thumbtack last December, when I started planning for a large corporate gala in San Diego. At that time, I was looking for a venue, caterer, band..the works! Brad from BAPS! responded to my need for a caterer right away. He was positive and responsive, and worked (and re-worked) with me on a prospective menu, knowing that I may end in a venue with an in-house caterer. He stayed in touch while I went through the process of vetting venues, and gave me great sightseeing tips for my trip to San Diego to do walk-throughs. We ended up booking a restaurant venue and won't hire an outside caterer, but I would have loved to hire and work with BAPS!. They'll stay on my "A-list" for my next event in the San Diego area."
Donna L.