BAPS! Charities!

What is BAPS! Charities?

BAPS! loves to help, and we have just as much passion for the community as with our food. This is why we decided to start BAPS! Charities.

BAPS! has been active in the community in the past, donating a few thousand lbs of food to Interfaith, donating food to events like the May Ride, and catering charity/non profit events at reduced rates, but we wanted to do more. Below is our first charity we've decided to start in Escondido. We greatly appreciate any donations you can give to any active charities we have!

Escondido Little League Raffle
Escondido American Little League Raffle - Help support Escondido American Little League, and get a chance at winning some great prizes! Raffle tickets are only $5 each! Click here for more details!

Status: Completed