Escondido American Little League Raffle

(Escondido American Little League Majors Division - Durham Bulls)

For our first charity, BAPS! is sponsoring the Escondido American Little League via a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to the little league organization. For years, sports have been neglected by public schools, with frequent fund cuts, often times making the sport difficult for lower income children to participate. The more money we can donate to the organization, the more they have to maintain fields, purchase supplies and so on, helping to relieve pressure on parents to have to pay more to cover those costs! For only $5 per raffle ticket, you get the chance to win one of the listed prizes, and feel good, knowing you are supporting a great cause! The more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances are of winning one!

The latest you can purchase tickets is at midnight, Sunday, December 29th PST. Drawings will take place on the Monday 12/30/2019, with a Facebook Live Video at 6pm! You have up until the last day of the week long Grand Opening Event to buy your tickets!

This charity event is completed. Funds raised: $1400!!!


  • Stephanie Zahn - Trevor Hoffman Baseball
  • Maria Salinas - $50 BAPS! Gift Card
  • Nikki Daniels - Fernando Tatis Jr. Baseball
  • Mary Acosta - Manny Machado Baseball
  • Barbara Hurst - Randy Jones Baseball
  • Robert Murrow - $50 BAPS! Gift Card
  • Robert Murrow - Eric Hosmer Baseball - Which was re-donated back to Escondido American Little League to be raffled at another event! THANK YOU!
  • Holly Grncarevski - Guitar signed by Sammy Hagar
  • Richard Aeling - 2020 Padres Experience

Thank you all for participating, and helping the Escondido American Little League!


Trevor HoffmanBaseball signed by Trevor Hoffman
Manny MachadoBaseball signed by Manny Machado
Randy JonesBaseball signed by Randy Jones
Eric HosmerBaseball signed by Eric Hosmer
Fernando Tatis Jr.Baseball signed by Fernando Tatis Jr.
$50 Gift Card$50 Gift Card for BAPS!
$50 Gift Card$50 Gift Card for BAPS!
Guitar signed by Sammy HagarEpiphone Electric Guitar signed by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen and custom painted by his son, Aaron Hagar
Padres ExperienceGrand Prize: 2020 Padres Experience

- Special Thanks to Randy Jones, The Padres, and Beverage Props (The company that produced all of our tables), for their donations to our charity! -