Introducing BAPS! Meal Prep!

Coronavirus getting you down? Are you immune deficient and need to stay home, but still need your groceries? Are you trying to avoid contracting the Coronavirus, but not a talented chef, and tired of eating the same ole canned goods/boxed meals? Never fear, BAPS! is here!

How does it work? You order one of the weekly subscription packages listed below and you will begin to receive deliveries to your front door. We have 3 delivery days. Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Sunday, you will receive your meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, on Wednesday, you will receive your meals for Thursday and Friday, and on Friday you will receive your meals for Saturday and Sunday. Deliveries are done with 0 in person interaction. Food will be dropped off at your front door, and you will receive a text message when it has been delivered.

Our goal is to keep you safe during this crazy time, so we've priced these packages as close to what the average household spends in groceries as possible. In order to keep this affordable for everyone, the menu is fixed. It will change weekly, but we do not currently offer any meal options to cater to specific diet choices. That said, we will do our best to adapt to any food allergies!

Packages are set to auto renew weekly and payments are run every week on Wednesday. Should you wish to cancel, contact us any time prior to that time period to cancel or change your order. Call us at 949-393-2723 to place your order today!


Number of People Dinner Only Breakfast/Dinner or Lunch/Dinner The Full Package (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
1 Person N/A N/A $137.50
2 People $125 $170 $215
3 People $187.50 $255 $325
4 People $250 $340 $437.50
5 People $312.50 $405 $550

2/18/21 - 2/26/21

Please note: Menu subject to change based on product availability.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Thursday Breakfast Quesadilla BLT with Chips Grilled Caribbean Fish with Pineapple Salsa
Friday Muffins Philly Cheesesteak Carnitas over Rice
Saturday Omelette with side of Hashbrowns Chef Salad Chicken Katsu
Sunday French Toast with Sausage Ham and Cheddar Panini Beefy Mac
Monday Breakfast Burrito Beef and Bean Burrito Chicken Casserole
Tuesday Cinnamon Rolls Egg Salad Sandwich Beef and Broccoli
Wednesday Corn Beef Hash and Egg Taco rice and cheese Penne Vodka with Pepperoni
Thursday Breakfast Bowl Turkey and Cheese Sub Chicken Marsala
Friday Quiche Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Swedish Meatballs