Soda Juice Other Treat
Coke Orange Juice Milk Italian Cream Soda
Diet Coke Passion fruit-Orange-Guava Chocolate Milk Milk Shake
Root Beer Apple Juice HiC
Dr. Pepper Arnold Palmer
Sprite Iced Tea
Fanta Orange Lemonade

Beer On-Tap

Beer Type ABV
Breakwater Brewery - Rasbiscus Mead Breakwater's iconic ruby red colored honey wine brewed with a raspberry puree and hibiscus flowers 6-time SDIBF gold winner. 9.6%
Breakwater Brewery - Hop Mutiny New England style IPA with fruity and tropical hop flavors. 7.6%
Belching Beaver - Peanutbutter Stout on Nitro Don’t let the dark color fool you. This beer is delightfully easy to drink with aromas of roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and coffee. 5.3%
Stone - Delicious A citrusy India pale ale with Lemondrop & El Dorado hops. 7.7%
Mission Brewery - Hefeweisen An unfiltered German classic with hints of banana, clove and pear. 5.3%
Pizza Port - Chronic Amber Ale 4.9%
Battlemage - Summon Ifrit West Coast Amber 6.1%
Battlemage - Hooded Assassin Old Ale 10%

Beer in the Bottle or Can

Note: Unless otherwise requested, all canned/bottled beverages are poured into a glass prior to serving.

Beer Type ABV
Coor's Light 12oz Light Lager 4.1%
Pacifico 12oz Light Lager 4.4%
Blue Moon Belgian White 12oz Belgian Witbier 5.4%
Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin 12oz Sculpin IPA 7.0%
Belching Beaver Me So Honey 12oz American Wheat Ale 5.5%
Grolsch 11.2oz Light Lager 5.0%
Guinness Draught 11.2oz Stout 4.2%
Modelo Especial 12oz Light Lager 4.4%
Not Your Father's Root Beer 12oz Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer 5.9%
Mike’s Harder Lemonade 16oz Flavored Malt Beverage 8.0%
White Claw - Black Cherry 12oz Hard Seltzer 5.0%
William's Orchards Excalibur - Hard Apple Cider 16.9oz Strong aromas of sweet and tart apple with light notes of earthiness. Flavors are identical to the nose with subtle notes of tannin. Crisp finish. 6%
William's Orchards Dragon's Breath - Hard Apple Cider Spiced with Ginger 16.9oz Brilliant gold color with a supple, crisp effervescent. Just a hint of cinnamon, this has a spicy-sweet taste that begins tart and ginger burn finish. 6%


Berton Vineyards - Metal Label - The Black Shiraz
William Hill Estate - Cabernet Sauvignon
House Merlot
House Pinot Grigio
House Pinot Noir
House Chardonnay
House Moscato
House Sauvignon Blanc
House Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Spirits/Wine Drinks

Note: Any drinks that typically contain Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin or Whisky, have been replaced with a fermented version of each alcohol rather than a distilled version. Fermented spirits are typically 24% ABV.

Drink Description
BAPS! Style Italian Cream Soda Our Italian Cream Soda's with a kick! Get the refreshing taste of an Italian Cream Soda made with Champagne instead of Seltzer Water and your favorite mix-in flavor!
Peach Bellini Frozen Blended.
Cosmorita Frozen Blended.
Blueberry Pomegranate Win-a-Rita Frozen Blended.
Strawberry Mango Wine-a-Rita Frozen Blended.
Lemon Drop Frozen Blended.
Bloody Mary
Vodka Lemonade
Pina Colada
Kauai Kooler
Strawberry Daquiri
To Kill Ya Sour
Tequila Sunrise